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Feb 3, 2016

Time to Get Royal - Fiesta® El Rey Fido 2016

It’s sort of an unofficial mantra amongst pet owners that our four-legged friends are often much more well cared for than us. They get the types of luxuries we can only dream about: free shelter, free food, unlimited napping time. . . 

Carry on. 

In our eyes, our pets should be treated like royalty—and the San Antonio Humane Society (SAHS) agrees!

An official Fiesta® event, the El Rey Fido fundraising competition is every dog-owner’s chance to prove the magnificence and majesty of their pooches, while also benefiting their local pet community—not to mention the chance to participate in another glorious and festive Fiesta event!

I am Fiesta.

Unfortunately, our feline overlords are not able to participate in this event. Something about being in the company of strangers really taxes on kitty's nerves. 

I don't need a crown to prove I'm royalty.

The dog owner and canine pair who are able to raise the most funds will be crowned and celebrated at a coronation event in April. Four runner-up pairs will be awarded separate titles and serve on the El Rey Fido court. The perks of being conferred these royal titles includes serving as ambassadors for the SAHS during their reigning year, participation in various media events and appearances, and the chance to don some swanky royal gear.  
I woke up like this.

Getting started is simple: contestants can create and keep track of their donations on their FirstGiving fundraising page. Donations can also be made in-person at the SAHS in a contestant’s name.

Contestants can use many creative means to raise funds: create a Facebook page, start a bake sale, make shirts and badges, even soliciting the help of friends and family who are already fans of your precious pooch is advantageous.

The deadline for the competition is March 10. Funds raised by this fundraising competition benefit all the homeless pets at the San Antonio Humane Society. Please visit for more info! Viva Fiesta!

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