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Jul 1, 2016

Falling in Love with a Pet is Easy...

There's no reason to argue it. We fall in love with our pets everyday! 
But caring for them, sheltering them, tailoring our everyday lives around them--it's a commitment. One that can last 10, 15, or even 20 years. 

'til death do us part buuuudy!
It's a message we try to emphasize, highlight, and underline everyday to adopters who come into our doors looking for a new pet to bring into their home. The Humane Society of the United States even has a page on their site dedicated to the questions potential adopters should ask themselves before considering pet adoption.

It's a hot topic with all shelters and rescue groups. We love our pets. 
We love it even more when they go to their forever homes. 
And It breaks our hearts to see them come back...

 Mason - Available For Adoption!

2-month-old Mason

Mason came to us as a playful stray puppy from Animal Care Services. He was adopted not long after coming to us and fit perfectly in his new home until his adopter made the move from their previous home into an apartment, where Mason was, unfortunately, not allowed.  

4 years and 4 months later...

Mason is back with us and is still his cheery and affectionate self. He enjoys sweet talk and treats (though not necessarily in that order). 

When in search of a pet, care should be paid to your home restrictions, lifestyle, and a potential pet's personality and temperament.  But attention should not be limited to the adoptable pet, you should also consider family pets already at home. 
Pet introductions can be stressful times, and they don't always work out. 

April- Available for Adoption

2-month-Old April
Looking quite impassive, even as a kitten, April was surrendered to us by a samaritan who also brought in two of her siblings. Like most of our puppies and kittens, April didn't stick around very long after intake.

3 1/2 years later... 

April is back with us. New additions to her adopter's family made it difficult to keep April in their home, so she's back here trying to find a more suitable one. See, April is an independent lady: she's not particularly fond of other felines. 

Of course, she enjoys her family's attention.   (As of July of this year (2016) April is currently sharing a sun room with other adult cats. Socialization does wonders!)

When her family grew by one, April had difficulty adjusting and, according to her adopters, she acted out by eliminating outside the litter box. 

Stress and anxiety can can happen to our pets too, and it can lead to unwanted or concerning behaviors...

Spring- Available for Adoption Adopted!

2-month-old Spring

Many people are surprised when we point out an adorable puppy who was found as a stray. However, we are a city with an over-abundance of puppies and kittens (and yes, it's a problem), and that is how Spring came to us. And like the many puppies and kittens before her, she was adopted in no time. 

3 years and 5 months later...

This sweetheart is back with us and we've come to learn: she's not a huge fan of being left alone. Spring gets pretty accustomed to her care takers, and currently, our Animal Behavior Specialist believes she has separation anxiety. She loves treats, affection, and walks, but once the loving is gone, the apprehension sets in. 

Her previous adopter did not believe she was happy in her new home, but any disruptive behavior from Spring may have simply been the result of this anxiety. According to the ASPCA, dramatic changes to a dog's environment can lead to the development of separation anxiety.   Dogs such as Spring need a caring, patient, and understanding home willing to help Spring work through her anxieties. 

It's a commitment. 

But it's a rewarding 

 and worthwhile commitment. 

When adopters make the difficult decision to return pets to our shelter, it can be for a variety of reasons and complicated circumstances. We're grateful that, if they must be returned, they are at least returned to us, where they will have a guaranteed [second] chance at finding their forever home. 

Adopting a pet should never be an impulsive action. As we said earlier, falling in love with a pet is easy! They're loyal and furry companions who enrich our everyday lives. They're like children who stay young forever: they'll always be dependent on you for love and care... and patience. Especially patience!

And in return?
Honestly, what more could you ask for? 

Spring, April, and Mason are currently available for adoption at the

Open from 12-7 every day (except major holidays), so don't miss your chance to meet your match. 

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