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Feb 15, 2017

What About Earl?

When I began this dog-training video project, there were 5 dogs actively involved in our Canine-In-Training program. The gist of the program? Gather together some of our long-time residents who would benefit from and be receptive to training from our dog trainer and dog training volunteers in order to help them become more “adoptable” to visitors. 

With that thought in mind, together with our awesome Dog Trainer, Jenna, we thought it was the perfect opportunity to highlight some of our awesome shelter dogs and to showcase the benefits and endurance necessary to dedicate you and your dog to some proper dog training. The problem? 

Distractions come easier than you may think…

It was silly of me to think these dogs would be here long enough to make this project more ambitious than it should be.
They were some pretty spectacular pooches: 


And so, while I diddle-daddled deciding how best to tackle this assignment, four out of the five of them were adopted.

It was wonderful news! And what does it mean? 

Boo was as adorable as we all thought she was. 

Snicker’s quick learning and plucky attitude finally landed him a family. 

GreenBean’s true colors showed through, despite his unappetizing name. 

Orie was as gorgeous as she was clever. 

And I now had plentiful footage of dogs who no longer needed help finding a forever home.

But what about Earl?

Earl's nearing his 100-day residency date (an anniversary we aren't too fond of celebrating) and we're left with the all-too-common shelter-pet question: why are you still here? 

Earl is a sociable, active, and playful 5-year-old Hound mix. He's very treat-motivated (that means he can't get enough).

Please, please, please!
And that motivation helps him do well in our Canines-In-Training program. 

He can sit on command:

He's learning to walk well on his leash: 
No pulling here!

He does a little spin for rewards:

And he got the hang of "down" in no time at all!
Give or take a half-hour.

He's a real friendly dude. His size can sometimes be intimidating to potential adopters (60 pounds ain't nothin but a number!) but he's a friendly and playful goofball.

And he won't say "no" to a bit of affection.

He's a good boy! There are a few notes on his kennel card that may deter visitors from meeting with him. His active attitude and roughly playful nature mean we're looking for him to go to a home without children under 12. He loves toys and treats so much so that he sometimes can be a little mouthy when reaching for them, and we think it best he goes to a home with no cats

Who needs cats when you have me??
SAHS alumni receive a discount for dog training classes with our dog trainer, and we believe Earl would continue to benefit from dog training exercises and classes. 

A little dedication goes a long way!
He has a guardian angel, which means a donor has already generously paid for his adoption fee.

It's not hard to see potential here. 
We're hoping Earl doesn't meet his 100 days, but if it comes and goes and he's still here, no worries. He's in good hands, and he'll stay with us until he finds his new forever home. 

One tail-waggin day at a time. 

Interested in visiting Earl? We are open every day 12 PM to 7 PM at 4804 Fredericksburg Rd. 

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  1. This seriously makes me cry. SO many sweet dogs out there without homes. I just adopted one so my hunny says we have to wait to get another, but I'm so happy you guys are able to take care of him!