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Mar 23, 2017

Finding a Family for Fen

We thought we had you with his cute, tear-jerkin’ video . We thought a little social media push would be enough to bring you in! But apparently, a little convincing is still in order.

Be nice okay?

We get it, we even anticipated it: Fentruck or “Fen” (2yo Australian Cattle Dog mix) is struck by the occasional bout of stress-induced anxiety. And being that his visits are by appointment only, we knew adoption would take some time.

Is there anybody out there?

(But come on!)

Though we love him,

Ain't it obvious?
every silly,


and playful side of him,

we know what he really needs now is a stable forever home and a loving and understanding family.

Though we do our best to be sure that every dog and cat is comfortable, socialized, and loved, for some pets, the shelter environment can still be a stressful place.

Some days are harder than others...

Fen works almost daily with our Dog Trainer, Jenna, and she’s so eager to see him go to his new home that she’s offering free dog training sessions to Fentruck’s adopters. 

He's definitely got "sit" down.

He already knows how to sit, down, stay, wait, and leave it on command (especially for a treat or two), but Jenna is also hoping to show Fen’s new family how to help him through his anxiety.

If he can trust us enough to walk on the treadmill, surely he's braver than we know...

Fen can get a little nervous in new situations (who doesn’t?!), but all he needs is a little encouragement to calm down.

Encouragement: our favorite thing to give. 

Once he’s moved past his anxieties, Fentruck is just like any other young dog. He’s active, he has lots of energy, he enjoys running through the yard playing a game of fetch, and he enjoys giving kisses and cuddles to the people he loves and trusts most.

Just picture it!
We’re pretty serious about Fen.

And we’re only accepting serious inquiries when it comes to him. 
(Our nerves can’t take anything less!)

anything less than love, love, love...

Care to see if Fentruck fits perfectly into your family?
Please contact to set up an appointment!

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