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Aug 2, 2017

Kids Aren't For Everyone

They just aren't. 

You hear it more and more often nowadays: People are either having children later in life… or just not at all! And that’s okay. Kids aren’t for everyone.

And you’ll find that sentiment can be shared among pets too.


She can be a real hoot in a half.
On a normal day, she's generally in "all play" mode.

All spazz, all the time. 

Peacock feathers, bell balls, yarn, lanyards... you name it, she'll play with it. We love it. We can't get enough of it! So why, you may ask, would she be considered a pet not suitable for kids? 

You'll want to keep an eye on this one. 
When I said "all play" I mean all play. And for Pieces, playthings aren't just limited to the stuff without feelings.  

From chill to charge in seconds.
She's got her quirks! And that can sometimes include mistaking fingers for toys-ouch! She came to the San Antonio Humane Society as a stray and she's been in our care for over 5 months.

She's currently our longest resident. 

A Guardian Angel has generously made a donation towards her adoption fee to help her along her way to adoption.

So, what do you think? Have you got all the experience of a seasoned cat owner? We think Pieces would do well with a patient and equally playful family. 

  • If you're one to spend hours just tossing the ball around with your feline friend, Pieces just might be the one for you.
  • If you love to shower your cat with toys she's bound to destroy before the day is up, Pieces just might be the one for you.
  • If you're okay with an accidental nip or scratch in the name of love and companionship, Pieces just might be the one for you.

"No Children Under 12"

 It can be a scary phrase. What does it mean? It can mean plenty! We hope adopters will keep an open mind and ask a staff member why a pet may be placed under certain restrictions. 

Adoptable pets at the San Antonio Humane Society may have age restrictions due to:
  • their reactivity with other pets
  • their high activity level
  • their health
  • or some other relevant history shared with us by previous adopters, rescues, or staff. 


And her wonderful smile.

Visitors and staff are always surprised to see Fefe with a "No Children Under 12" restriction. She's a gorgeous 2-year-old Shepherd mix with an equally gorgeous smile.

She gets along well with other friendly canines, especially during her playgroups, and she's a part of our Canines-In-Training program. Fefe can"sit," "down," and "shake" on command...

...or for a few treats!
She takes her treats gently, walks well on her leash, looks good with a ribbon and flower around her collar, and just generally enjoys the company of others.

Come in and play! 
So why the restriction? Well, Fefe's been with us before.

Pictured here in February of 2016
Her adoption history has been complicated and unstable. When she first came to the SAHS she was a 3-month-old pup found as a stray on the streets of San Antonio. She was returned only a few days after her first adoption due to family and owner responsibility.

Simply put: they decided they did not have time to care for her. 

She was adopted the next day, and we didn't see her again for nearly five months. What now? Her previous adopters came to the conclusion that she was no longer suited to their home and responsibly returned her to the shelter.

She was adopted a third time, and this time around we did not see her again for over a year. This is where the "No Children Under 12" comes in. Her previous adopters claim Fefe, unprovoked, snapped at a child in the household. 

So, she's back again, and we're hoping that this time will be the last time. 

We're all about second (or third) chances.
To help ensure Fefe's next family will be her forever family, it was decided that she should go to a home with no children under 12. We're trying to insert a little stability in her life! 

We get it (of course we do!), interacting with dogs and cats is a learning experience. Heck, we have a whole Summer/Spring Camp dedicated to just that! Some kids may not know how to properly approach and connect with dogs or cats... and this can sometimes result in some dogs and cats not knowing how to properly approach and connect with children. And that's fine.

Though she does phenomenally well with other dogs!

Kids aren't for everyone. 

But if you're one to enjoy the company of a sweet, 
treat-motivated little lady,
Fefe might just be for you. 

Sure, Pieces and Fefe may not be for everyone, 
(the same could be said about all of our pets) 
but they may just be the one for you.

Don't let a pet's restrictions scare you away. It's an opportunity to receive a little education! Visit the San Antonio Humane Society on 4804 Fredericksburg Rd. and speak with our staff (who know our pets best), our dog trainer and volunteer dog trainers, or just take one of our pets out for a visit!

We are open every day 12PM - 7PM.