Nov 21, 2016

Help Our Pets Find their Best Friend for Life

Meet Raccoon and Frankenkitty. 

These two cute balls of fur and love are best friends for life, but it wasn’t always that way. If it wasn’t for the San Antonio Humane Society, this friendship might never have happened. 

In early September 2016, a friend of the San Antonio Humane Society (SAHS) found a small kitten. He noticed this poor kitten was not able to walk normally so he decided to bring her to the SAHS. The staff at the SAHS immediately went to work to help heal and find a foster home for little Raccoon. 

While Raccoon was at his foster home, growing and recovering, another kitten was brought in by a good Samaritan. This person found a severely injured kitten and knew that if it didn’t receive medical attention soon, the kitten would not survive. Although able to walk, this kitten had severe injuries to his tail and back end. After a thorough evaluation by the staff at the SAHS, the affectionately-named Frankenkitty was treated and began his road to recovery. 

Raccoon soon returned to the SAHS and needed a place to stay and was paired up with a new resident at SAHS. This new roommate was Frankenkitty. Although both are still recovering from their wounds, these two rascals became the very best of friends. Raccoon’s leg eventually healed to the point where it no longer needed surgery and Frankenkitty, recovering from a medically necessary amputated tail, remains a loving companion to both human and animal alike. 

Raccoon and Frankenkitty continue to recover in foster care together and remain best “fur-riends” to this day. 

None of this would have been possible without the support of donors. Without our Humane Heroes, there is no telling what would have happened to these two. Please take a moment today to become a Humane Hero to our needy pets by making a contribution to the Humane Heroes Annual Fund

The cost of caring, feeding, sheltering, and medically treating the pets at the SAHS costs the shelter, on average, $35 each day for each pet in our care. Every donation to the Humane Heroes Annual Fund helps ensure pets like Raccoon and Frankenkitty continue to benefit from the resources needed to be saved, cared for, and adopted.

Your support is essential in saving the lives of animals like Raccoon and Frankenkitty and your generosity can help them find their future best friends for life. 

In the words of Bill Watterson, author and creator of Calvin and Hobbes: “Things are never quite as scary when you’ve got a best friend.”

Nov 15, 2016

You Can Be Jennie's Humane Hero

Jennie’s journey off the vulnerable streets of San Antonio began 6 months ago. She, like many pets in our community, was born as a stray. Despite being only a few months old, she was forced to survive through her homelessness by roaming each night in search of food and shelter, a search that would eventually lead her into harm’s way.

When Jennie was brought into the shelter, it was with old and debilitating injuries. A good samaritan found her lying helpless and alone in the streets and they brought Jennie to us in hopes that we could help her live a full and pain-free life. Though her injuries were healed, at 3-months-old, it was clear Jennie had suffered great bodily trauma. As to the source of her misfortune? Judging by the extensiveness of her poorly healed injuries, our staff guessed it ranged anywhere from physical abuse to being struck by a car.

When x-rays performed on Jennie revealed the crippling fractures along her hind legs, our surgery staff decided surgery was necessary to improve her quality of life. For though her legs had healed on their own without medical intervention, it was clear that every step for Jennie was a painful struggle. 

After two lengthy surgeries and six weeks of cage rest, Jennie was moved into foster care to allow her body and mind time to heal.

 Jennie made her return to the San Antonio Humane Society after a month of home life in the care of her foster parents. Although her recovery time was lengthy and difficult, all that’s left of her old injuries is her charming and unusual gait. Her attitude is positive, her energy is full, and her heart is filled with love and excitement for visitors and staff alike, all due to the kindness of a stranger and the care of our staff.

Jennie is still searching for her forever home, and her story is just one of many at the San Antonio Humane Society. Support from donors through our Humane Heroes Annual Fund make it possible to save lives just like Jennie’s, and we are asking for your support.

Do it for Jennie!
A gift of $35 helps cover a single day of feeding, sheltering, and medically treating one pet at the San Antonio Humane Society, and every donation to the Humane Heroes Annual Fund helps ensure Jennie and other pets like her continue to benefit from the resources needed to be saved, cared for, and adopted.