Jan 28, 2021

Have double the love to give? Adopt a bonded pair today!


When a bonded pair arrives at the San Antonio Humane Society (SAHS), we do everything we can to ensure that these pairs are adopted into a forever home together. Bonded pets will display a very close relationship and will thrive when they are kept together. They can easily become depressed or anxious if they are separated.

Although it may take them a bit longer to be adopted, we believe it is important to keep them together. When you adopt a bonded pair, not only are you saving two lives, but you will also get twice the happiness and unconditional love! If you feel you have double the love to give, check out these adorable bonded pairs at the SAHS, waiting to find their FUR-ever homes!

Sam and Candy, a dynamic duo

Our sweet and playful senior ladies, Sam and Candy, are looking for a home to spend the rest of their golden years together! Sam, an 11-year-old Retriever/Labrador mix, and Candy, a 10-year-old Shepherd mix, have spent most of their lives together – their special bond is undeniable! They never leave each other’s side and love to do everything together, whether it is going for a walk, enjoying a cozy nap or running around in the play yard. Candy is a happy girl, who loves to smile with her tongue hanging out. Sam is the more curious and adventurous one, who loves to explore her surroundings. Sam has received laser therapy due to her arthritis and is feeling much better, becoming more active and running around more. Her marking kicks are adorable! Together, they will win your heart over!

Checker and Pouchy, a loving pair

Checker, an 8-year-old Retriever boy, and Pouchy, a 4-year-old Terrier girl, hope to settle down with a special family who can give them all the love they need. Due to unfortunate circumstances, their previous owner could no longer care for them, and sadly, the change of environment has caused them to become extremely timid and anxious. We are currently working on building up their confidence, but they still need help feeling safe and comfortable. They will do best in a calm and quiet household, where they can continue to receive extra love and attention. We’ve learned that after sitting with them for a long period of time and offering them plenty of treats, they slowly begin to warm up. Will you give them the loving home they deserve?

Turner and Hooch, traveling buddies

Turner and Hooch, who got their names due to their tight-knit bond and their comical difference in size, traveled more than 150 miles before arriving at the SAHS. A group of military men found them wandering their military base in Laredo, Texas last December. Since they were being deployed immediately, they couldn’t bear the thought of leaving them abandoned. Fortunately, they drove to San Antonio, and we were able to take them in at the last minute. Turner is a small to medium wiry 1-year-old Terrier mix, and Hooch is a large 1-year-old Shepherd, Husky mix with beautiful bi-colored eyes. Soon after, we learned Hooch was limping on his right hind leg, and X-rays showed a chronic hip fracture. He was treated and underwent surgery, freeing his leg from grinding against his painful hip fracture, and is now doing much better! These boys have received nothing but love and care by our staff and volunteers. Turner and Hooch love to play and wrestle together and are quite inseparable. These two have chosen each other, and we cannot separate them! They hope to find a fun loving home where they can continue their journey together!

Mario and Luigi, super cat brothers

Mario and Luigi hope to find their PURR-fect home, where they can continue their super adventures together! They are an adorable pair of cats, who are 7-years-young. They were brought to us after their previous owner passed away. They have a sweet bond that we simply cannot break. They are best friends and deserve to stay together. When they’re not playing and napping together, Mario loves birdwatching on top of the kitty tower, while Luigi enjoys sunbathing on his comfy bed. They love chin scratches, treats and toys! They will also follow you around to show you affection. The best part? They instantly start purring when they go to greet you! Together, they will melt your heart!

Can’t adopt a bonded friend? You can still help. You can contribute to our Guardian Angel Fund to make it possible for us to reduce the adoption fees for our bonded dogs and cats, thus increasing their chances of adoption. We appreciate all of your efforts to help our animals find their forever homes. Click here to donate to the Guardian Angel Fund!