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Jun 14, 2016

"F" is for Friends Who Do Stuff Together

Here at the San Antonio Humane Society, every day is Best Friends Day--and we don't just mean those lucky visitors who come in and leave with their newest buddy!

Just like us, pets form some pretty special bonds with their furry friends, and we think they deserve to find their forever homes together! (forever!) 

Phoebus & Esmerelda (ADOPTED June 17!)

And their permanently protruding tongues. 

Get a load of these adorable chihuahuas. Isn't it obvious they belong together? They're both 11-year-old Chihuahua mixes and they have zero teeth between them. 
Phoebus (back) & Esmerelda (forefront)
Because of their lack of teeth, yes, their tongues poke out on a rather regular basis. (And by that, we mean always.) They're on a strictly wet-food diet... and that's about all that's changed since losing the remainder of their teeth. 

They came to us from Animal Care Services as an owner surrender, and we are really hoping they'll soon go to a new home together. 

Friendly lil thing, ain't he?

Esmerelda can sometimes be a bit on the shy side (she's working through it), but they both appreciate some pets and attention. They're great on their leashes, in your lap, and in front of the camera.

Berlioz & Toulouse  (ADOPTED June 16)

Literal Cool Cats.
Look at these two. What else is there to say? They compliment each other in appearance and personality. (e.g. handsome and so darn loveable). These are some real lap kitties.

And you know the best part? They're best buddies!

Personal space not necessary.

Toulouse (the burly grey boy) and Berlioz (the lean brown tuxedo tabby) were abandoned at the shelter together. Although they are not litter mates, they're basically brothers. 

They're just as affectionate with each other as they are with people. Honestly, it's surprising how much they let each other get away with.

Even a lil' tail action is permissible.

Hershey & Kisses

Yes, they are as sweet as they're names.

These gorgeous gals are 9-year-old Pit Bull mixes, and, if you couldn't tell by their matching smiles, they're sisters. Like any Pit Bull mix, they have a little strength behind those dainty paws! Hershey (the chocolatey girl pictured left) has a tendency to be dog-reactive, but she pairs perfectly with her sister (the salt & pepper kiss to the right).

Honestly, they just have the best smiles.
 They love visitors and they're always eager for friendly faces. Although they can get rather excited when you reach for the leash (which dog among us isn't?), they're also pretty happy with just chilling with their companion on a lazy humid and sunny day.

We're ready when you are!

Tiny-Tim & Miss-Vicki

Again with the camera?

We've featured these two before, and frankly we're surprised they're still here! Tiny-Tim and Miss-Vicki are definitely a packaged couple. They were surrendered here after their previous owner passed away from old-age. It was one of her final wishes to see these two go home together, and we're determined to make it so!

Miss Vicki can sometimes be the shyer feline of the two, but her timidity doesn't last long.

Gentle head-butts are surely coincidence only.
She enjoys playing with the foggy windows in the morning as she attempts to capture the fluttering birds outside. 

Tiny-Tim isn't afraid of approaching visitors and will often request attention when there is attention to be had. 

Who isn't a fan of booty scratches?

We're hoping these best buds, brothers, and sisters find their forever homes together. Because after all, what could be better than taking home one best friend?


The answer is two. Two best friends.

They practically make a heart y'all!

Interested in visiting these perfect pairs? 
We are open every day 12pm - 7pm!

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