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Jun 24, 2016

Here, Everyday is "Take Your Dog To Work Day"

As staff at the San Antonio Humane Society (SAHS), we experience the joys of pets in the workplace on a regular basis! It’s not uncommon for all of us to form pretty strong bonds with our shelter pets (it’s also not uncommon for us to end up taking a few of them home).  Although we do occasionally enjoy the benefits of bringing our pets to work, for the most part, we try to focus our attention on our “interim” shelter pets as we help them socialize, heal, and find their forever homes. 

So here’s to the pets who toil away at home, listening for the slightest sound of jingling keys or turning doorknobs, as they wait for our return. Here’s to the pets who choose to charitably donate their owner’s time to the pets at the SAHS!

(We'll always jump at the chance of showing off our pride and joys (i.e. our pets))

Cotton & Chica

All in a day's work.

Cotton and Chica, in the care of our President and CEO, Nancy Najim, are both SAHS alumni.

Carry on.
Though they're pretty good at asking for love and affection, they're also both rather good at keeping the productivity in the workplace.

Cotton diligently participating in today's meeting.

Ginger & Pepper

Because there's always room in our hearts for more.
Ginger and Pepper are the playful fur babies of our Director of Human Resources, Sabrina Fowler. Although they can get pretty competitive when it comes to fun and games, there's no need for these two to fight over their parent's love. 

Because there was clearly enough love for two!

Ginger was, in Sabrina's words, a "failed foster" (it's a common occurrence). She cuddled her way into her forever family and gained a new pet sibling. 

Pepper, who generously shared her owner's love. 

Hamster, Malibu, & Tiger Lily

Another SAHS Alumni!

These three love bugs are in the care of our Animal Health Supervisor, Natasha! Hamster, the orange tuxedo-y kitty above, has Cerebellar Hypoplasia, meaning his motor and balance skills are a little off. Though that doesn't stop him from chasing his other siblings around. Which is surprising, considering he's about 14-15 years their junior!

"Put down the camera and pet me."
Malibu, 16 years old and content with her feline counterparts. 

They're a family of "love bugs" vying for their mother's attention!

Our Kennel Staff

Though you might think our Kennel staff gets more than enough face time with dogs and cats, it clearly isn't quite enough! Here are the precious faces at home their happy to return to every day. 

Benji, the photogenic Aussie. -c/o Gabriel A. 


(Katy) READY
(Layla) FOR

(c/o Marena L.)

Mark is a dork among lovable dorks.
He's also an SAHS Alumni!

These pets don't mind a little wardrobe change
if it means love and attention. (Bacon, the Chihuahua)

Belle, chilling like she's not surrounded by a giant body of water.

Luna, who is clearly okay with her cone.  (c/o Miranda C.)

Surgery Staff

Would you get a load of these pooches? It's as though they attract beautiful weather.


(Except Milo. Milo doesn't need a beautiful backdrop to show his majesty!)
Milo (left), Scooby (center), and Suzie-Q (right) are all SAHS alumni and in the care of Jennifer M.



Although not SAHS Alumni, both Chubbs and Ziggy are rescues. Chubbs is a 9-year-old Terrier "through and through" who was dumped from a car as a pup. Ziggy is a "handsome big head" from Animal Care Services who's always in search of the bottom of his food bowl. Both are in the care of Chealsey J.
"I'm not going to say they're my favorites, but these two are pretty amazing :) "

Morticia and Fester - c/o Stephanie R., Adoptions

Two cats who clearly have great patience and love for their mom.

(You can see it in their eyes) 

Millie, Phillip, Shiner, and Spike - c/o Katie G., Accounting Supervisor

Spike can do no wrong.

Millie the "frencher." (The tongue is a dead giveaway.)

Phillip: his "tripod" status has done little to affect his appetite. 

Shiner, whose perfect pose was no accident. (HE knows what he's doing!)

Bentley - c/o Kelly G., Development Specialist

Whether he's at work or at home, Bentley clearly has his priorities in check. 


We're hoping, in the spirit of TYDTWDay®seeing these happy pets will encourage our community to see the value of companionship between pet parent and pet. 

Whether they're big or small, young or old, cat or dog, the pets at the SAHS are waiting to fill the same happy niche (that our pets fill) in your home.

Visit to see our pets!

Darwin - c/o Veronica, Communication Associate (and your humble blog writer)

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