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Oct 28, 2016

Why You Should Give Sophie a Chance

Sophie's not much of a greeter. She doesn't jump at the sound of jingling keys or wrap herself around your legs when you first walk through the front door. No, it's very unlikely you'll see Sophie leave the cushiony comforts of her kitty bed, and we're searching for an open-hearted person who'll have no trouble accepting her as is... 
...flower child and all.
When you first see Sophie lounging on her overly cushy bed in the sun room of our kitty pavilion, you may not give her much thought.

Who hasn't seen a snoozing cat?

But Sophie's choice to veg out (and lay like broccoli) isn't necessarily a lazy lifestyle choice. You see, 10-year-old Sophie has pretty severe arthritis in her knees and elbows, and pain related to her unfortunate condition discourages her from making any 'unnecessary' movements away from her comfort zone (i.e. her blankets and pillows). 

What are these blushing intruders doing in my zone?

Don't misunderstand! Sophie is perfectly capable and willing to leave her bed for food, water, and potty breaks in her litter...

What am I? Some kind of animal? 
But other than the necessities, Sophie pretty much limits herself to her bed, and we're looking for a home who'll care for her and let her do just that. She's already currently on pain management and joint supplements, and this would need to continue when she went to her new home. Because of her arthritis, Sophie is very sensitive and reactive when touched anywhere lower than her neck. But she loves a good chin and head scratch if you're willing to offer it to her.

That's the spot!

We're betting there's someone out there willing to welcome this senior tabby (and her bed) into their home, and until then, you'll have no trouble spotting her in our cozy sun rooms in our kitty pavilion. 

We are open everyday, 12pm - 7pm. 


  1. Beautiful story! Beautiful photos!

  2. What a beautiful girl!

  3. Awwwww she's so beautiful,she needs a quiet place!