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Mar 2, 2018

Only One Solution for Dog's Mystery Affliction: Adoption

UPDATE: Frtios has been adopted! We are so grateful for everyone who expressed compassion and shared his story with our community. Stay tuned for possible updates on our Facebooktwitter, or Instagram page.

When Fritos was found homeless and alone, his skin was scaly, clearly irritated and exposed due to large patches of missing fur. Over one year later, not much has improved. Currently at home at the San Antonio Humane Society (SAHS), his condition remains mostly unchanged despite over 365 days’ worth of testing and treatment.

I'm a mystery wrapped up in an Enigma.

On his worst days, this short and white-haired Chihuahua mix often leaves himself red and raw from hours of scratching and chewing.

This shade of red doesn't suit me.
Initial tests for mites returned negative. Mange, negative. Scabies, negative. Fungal infection, negative. He’s been through blood work, skin scrapes, special diets, and special shampoos, but his condition continues to fluctuate with no real consistent improvement.

I'm not trying to be difficult, I swear. 

 A skin biopsy revealed a possible, but unfortunately vague, cause: allergies. But allergic to what? In a shelter environment, with over 150 dogs and cats to care for, it would be difficult to limit Frito’s exposure to whatever allergens were causing him grief.

I need a special kind of attention: All of it.

After exhausting multiple resources resulting in little clarity, Samantha Delicati, SAHS Surgical Services Supervisor, believes the next step is clear, “We’ve come to a point where we believe the best thing for Fritos is a permanent home with a dedicated family committed to treating his condition.”

Sometimes all you need is a home.

The perfect home.

In spite of his condition (or perhaps because of it), it’s clear that Fritos yearns for companionship. His greeting is a soft paw in your lap as he stands on hind legs, quietly requesting affection.

If I need anything, it's lots of pets.

It is the hope of everyone at the SAHS that Frito’s condition will drastically improve once he is in a stable and loving home environment. Serious potential adopters can visit Fritos at the San Antonio Humane Society at 4804 Fredericksburg Road. His new family should be willing to establish a good relationship with a Veterinarian to continue diagnosing and treating his condition.  

Those looking to visit Fritos to see if he's the perfect fit for their family or those looking for more information on Fritos and his condition should visit the San Antonio Humane Society on 4804 Fredericksburg Road or contact us at 210-226-7461 or email 

We are open every day 12:00 p.m. - 7:00 p.m!


  1. Maybe he should go to a less allergenic city?

  2. He is adorable and deserves a good home. All my dogs are adopted and they are the most loving wonderful additions to our family. I'm in North Carolina, but would adopt and love him if i could.