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Jul 9, 2019

Two Months Later: Saved and Smiling

Two months ago, they were only a number. Victims number 1 through 22 of a group of over 50 dogs seized by Animal Care Services and rescued from a home where they lived in unlivable conditions. They were unsocialized, and pulled or rolled away when we attempted to walk them on leash, and they had a host of eye and skin issues.

Today, after two months of socialization, medical care, training, and love, they’ve moved beyond the moniker of “victims.” Although a handful of them still have their insecurities, with patience, understanding, and a handful of treats, they are blossoming into a new life of domestic bliss. A life filled with regular physical and mental exercise, daily visits from positive and encouraging volunteers, loads of affection and support from staff… in short, a new life they deserve.

Medium to large adult shelter dogs already have a harder time getting adopted compared to their puppy counterparts. And when these pups came into our care, they had a few nervous habits that would only extend their time with us.

Of the original twenty-two dogs transferred, eleven have been adopted. And eleven remain! Eleven wonderful, pure, and hopeful pups looking for the chance to prove that they are worth a second chance: 


You'll usually find Creek soaking up all the attention! He loves it. He also loves treats and getting out of his kennel. Staff and volunteers are used to his... eagerness to get out the door. As one staff member put it: "He's just trying to go for another walk!"  

DJ Suki:
(Update:  DJ Has Been Adopted!)

Although she may be shyer than her kennel mates, "DJ" is just as sweet and friendly as they come. Our dog trainer thinks she may be "suffering" from "black dog syndrome." She just keeps getting overlooked! She would do well in a home with other friendly dogs and people, and we look forward to adopters who can help her realize her potential. 


Have you noticed that many of these pups are now walking on leashes? It's definitely a success! A majority of the dogs transferred were completely unfamiliar with walking on a leash and would pull and cower when going for walks. We are so grateful for the volunteers who donated their time to help these pups!

Shellington is a friendly and playful dog who is quite a fan of cuddling (usually with other dogs). He enjoys company, especially on his walks, and is also known for dashing toward and out the door in excitement. 

Miss Nettle:

A few of our transfer pups are also Insta-famous! Well, sort of. Miss Nettle is another nervous nellie, but with extra TLC, it doesn't take much for this head-tilting goofball to stop and strike a pose. 


According to Oona's Pet Pal Volunteer, she is "quite possibly the most wonderful lady in the joint. Watch out for her hugs!" While Oona is quite the sweetie, she's still a little nervous around visitors and will be looking for patience and understanding in her new home as she continues to acclimate to a more stable life and environment. We hope interested adopters will not let shyness overshadow sweetness!

Guy Diamond:

"Guy" is probably the most nervous of the transfer bunch. When staff approaches his kennel, he can show all the eagerness of a pup excited at the prospect of being walked (playful stance), but he can sometimes shut down when we attempt to put a leash on him. We think it's just nerves. 

He accepts treats gently (when they aren't being stolen by his kennel mate) and his Volunteer Pet Pal has had lots of success helping him relax, accept a collar and leash, and receive a good brushing. We know he has a playful soul and a loving heart. Like all of the dogs on this list, we're sure once he's in a stable and understanding environment, there'll be nothing stopping him from showing off his true colors. 


Poppy knows she's in safe hands now! She's friendly and gentle with all, and the company of other dogs definitely brings out her confidence. She walks well on her leash, but she's still a little fearful of putting the actual leash on. Nothing a little more time and patience can cure!


Aren't they just a happy looking bunch? They have the best smiles when they're confident enough to show them. Flora, like the rest of them, can be shy at first, but time is the key! She eats up all the attention she can get. 


Katya is trying her best to avoid being overlooked! But it can be hard in Texas when you're just another brown dog. She's a pro at showing off her best smile and those forehead wrinkles really do bring you in. Yes, she and her siblings share many similar physical characteristics, but they are all unique pups. They're just waiting for that special companion who will help set them apart. 


So playful and fun, Lucinda will brighten up your home and keep you laughing. She's a high-energy girl and has a habit of jumping up to give you hugs and kisses. Here she is doing, as staff put it, her "best T-Rex impersonation." 

She can be a little jumpy with sudden movements, but she loves attention and is constantly wagging her tail to show her approval. 

Zoe Walker:

Zoe is the odd one out of the bunch. She lacks the wrinkles worn by all the other members of the transfer group, but her smile is just as wide, and her eyes just as hopeful.

For those curious, each dog is a mix of Shar-Pei, Hound, and Retriever. They're all adult dogs ranging between two to five years of age. Many of them have had their adoption fees waived by generous donors hoping to help them find their forever homes. We believe they would each do well in homes with other friendly dogs, but most importantly, in homes with patience and gentle support. 

If you're looking for more information or if you're ready to give a forever home to a pet in need, we hope you'll visit us soon at the San Antonio Humane Society. We are open every day from 12 - 7 p.m. 

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