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Feb 18, 2016

5 Reasons You Won't Want Your Child to Miss Spring Camp Humane 2016

 The registration deadline for this year's Spring Camp Humane is less than a month away! Do you know what your child could be doing this upcoming Spring Break? (March 14-18)

1. Keeping Their Heads Full
It's a common "out-of-school" malady: what goes in comes right back out! When kids are out of school, it usually means their emptying their heads of some of that hard-earned education. 

We're gonna fill them up with cute, fluffy, and wild things.
Spring Camp Humane is a fun way to keep your child's head full as they actively participate in an education about animal welfare and humane living.

2. Painting, and Socks, and Catnip—Oh My!
  Remember the best part of school—besides nap time?
Nap time is the best part of any time. 
Arts and crafts. Breaking out the glitter, the glue, and the lemon-scented markers and learning by creating. Kids will help make toys for our precious pets and participate in demonstrational dioramas that will teach them the significance of environmental impact.

3. Seeing Exciting Presentations from our On-Staff Trainer, Veterinarian, and outside organizations such as Sea World and Zoomagination
Participating presenters will offer professional and hands-on presentations: Kids will witness the talents, abilities, and potential of well-trained dogs, see the majesty of wild and exotic animals such as horses and reptiles, and learn about the attention and skills necessary to care for them. Sometimes, the best way to learn is hands-on! 

4. Turning Pages with Pets
One of the best ways to learn to speak and read well is by doing it out loud, and kids will have the opportunity to do just that as they turn pages with our pets. Sometimes, the best way to unwind after a day of running agility courses with the pooches is by sitting down with a good book. Reading time out-loud also helps pet socialization, increasing the chance our pets will be adopted into a forever home!
Potential Reading Buddies

5. Scavenging the Shelter and Learning about Careers
    It’s never too early to think about the future! Part of our Spring Camp Scavenger Hunt will involve children learning about the awesome people who dedicate their professional lives to the needy shelter pets of the San Antonio Humane Society (SAHS). This includes those people who educate the public and those who medically treat and train our shelter pets.
We've got a lot of helping hands ensuring the happiness of our pets.

So, let your child spend a week with and learning about animals! 

Our camps fill up fast, and the next opportunity to participate in the SAHS’s Camp Humane won’t be till the Summer time

(Though with San Antonio weather, that’s only ever a few degrees away.) 

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