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Feb 13, 2019

Finding Love in a Hopeful Place

The Pair

Quite the pair.
Working in a place where a pet can (and does) find their forever home every day, we’re no stranger to love. And when we see it between two adoptable pets, their happy ending becomes our priority. 

Jeep and Dream are two special needs dogs who were in our care for over six months. Due to space concerns, they lived together with staff in our surgery office. They came in months apart and their histories had only this in common: they were strays who needed our help. Yet, very suddenly, they found themselves taking many long walks together.

Baths too. 

The Fall

Unlike the usual cases of sick or injured pets taken in by the San Antonio Humane Society (SAHS), Jeep arrived with all the signs of a normal, healthy dog. He was transferred into our care through our regular partnership with Animal Care Services (ACS) and was immediately made available for adoption. For two weeks, Jeep ate and acted normally. He gave no hint that he would soon suffer from a sudden mystery affliction that would leave him paralyzed.

Unable to lift himself to eat, surgery staff regularly hand fed Jeep as he recovered.

Dream arrived some two months later. She was Injured, vulnerable, and lost. Found as a stray by a good Samaritan, she came in with a serious injury to her back leg, likely caused by a vehicle accident. Thanks to donated funds available for special medical cases, our surgery team was able to perform the surgeries needed to improve Dream’s quality of life.  

Happy Snoots

The Happy Ending

Aware that both Dream and Jeep would be long-term patients, our surgery team decided to make them both more comfortable in their office. And between rehabilitation exercises, weeks of experimental acupuncture for Jeep, and plentiful walks paw in paw, it was only natural that an attachment grew.

Sharing more than a water bowl

“They bonded,” recounts Surgery Services Supervisor, Sam Delicati, “They helped each other recover.”  

Between Dream’s touch-and-go recovery and Jeep’s unclear X-ray results, their future seemed murky. But after many months of love, care, and patience from our staff, they recovered (albeit both with unusual and wobbly strides) and were able to go home together.

So long and thanks for all the treats
Their successful joint adoption (thanks in part to their sponsored adoption fees by Red McCombs Toyota) reminds us that love can find its match anywhere, and tomorrow, we hope you'll remember what your love can do for our pets.

Please consider commemorating or celebrating the love in your life by making a donation today. Your contributions help pets like Jeep and Dream find a home, and better yet, find a home together. Memorial bricks, tribute tags, and general donations to the San Antonio Humane Society in honor of your loved one are just a few of the unique ways you can show that special someone you care for their cause.

Happy Valentine’s Day!