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Jul 31, 2019

Mixed Breeds, Pure Love

It’s National Mutt Day!
Also known as Mixed Breed Dog Day!
Also known as Texas Brown/Black Dog Day!
Also known as a San Antonio Special Day!

Here at the San Antonio Humane Society (SAHS), we’re often inundated with questions by people who are looking for a specific breed of dog. But what we’ve come to learn is that many people who think they need a certain type of breed to fit their family or lifestyle actually just need a certain type of personality. And the truth of the matter is, much like the people who own, love, and care for them, each dog is unique, purebred or not. 

So, when you’re looking to fill that dog-shaped hole in your home, consider this: they may be mixed, but their love is pure.

Here are five Pups going Mutts Waiting for the Perfect Companion:

Sunkist, 2-year-old Doberman/Shepherd/Goofy Goober mix

Head tilting and toy chasing, Sunkist is such a joy and she’s two parts of a whole lot of dog. Curiosity and silliness abound in over 60lbs of athletic pupper. 

I'll drop it if you promise to throw it back!
This girl has a very playful and obedient spirit and would be perfect for an active companion. However, Sunkist is currently being treated for heartworms, and too much activity must currently be limited to avoid complications. Despite this, Sunkist is motivated to love, live, and learn. She learned quickly to sit for her toy and walks well with her harness. 

It's a cupcake. In case you were wondering. 

Leroy, 7-year-old Shepherd/Whippet/Terrier/Good Boy mix 

This beautiful brindle coat isn’t shared by all dog breeds. In fact, if you were wondering where Leroy got his dashing good looks, you’ll be happy to know that the brindle coat is shared by only a few… dozen breeds of dog.

Made You Look.
Leroy is a merry mutt. He enjoys the time he spends outdoors with our volunteers and can spend an afternoon playing some ball and chewing away on his toys. If you’ve got a treat or two on hand, be sure to share--he’ll thank you for it! 


Darlene, 3-year-old Retriever/Rhodesian Ridgeback/Just-The-Sweetest mix

If chocolate were a breed, Darlene would be a smooth Hershey's kiss. There’s a lot to say about Darlene because she’s been with us and without a forever family for so long! ‘Tis the curse of the “Texas Brown Dog.”

But I don't believe in curses!
Darlene usually prefers pets to playtime. This affectionate girl won’t think twice about rolling over for belly rubs. She spends a good amount of time with our volunteer dog trainers and is a Canine Good Citizen student. She knows the following commands: sit, stay, down, come, and shake. She’s a real smarty pants! 

Darlene is sweet, gentle, and is known to get along very well with other dogs. This is not her first time in our care. She has unfortunately been returned twice to the SAHS due to new behaviors. Because of this unfortunate back and forth, Darlene has developed some separation anxiety symptoms, including whining and chewing. She is working regularly with our dog trainer and volunteer dog trainers to help her overcome these traits. We believe she would do well with a dedicated companion who will continue to help Darlene overcome her anxieties.

One day at a time.
Creek, 2-year-old Chinese Shar-Pei/Retriever/Heart Emoji mix

It’s not actually too difficult to narrow down what breeds make up our precious Creek. Much like his 20+ siblings who were surrendered with him, they all share physical traits of wrinkly, small-eared Shar-Peis and the short, dense coat of a Labrador Retriever. But considering his parents and his parent’s parents were unneutered, we’re sure he comes from a long line of mixed-breed mixes. 

Here you'll find a mixed bag of goodness.
Creek is as sweet and good-natured as they come. He loves soaking up all the attention of guests and volunteers and is very confident in the company of other friendly pups. Earn this boy’s affection and he’ll be loyal to you for a lifetime. 


Pepper, 1-year-old Staffordshire/American Pit Bull/Terrier mix

That brindle coat! Those big brown eyes! Those big floppy ears! She’s cute to boot and knows it too. Always happy and always ready for a slow stroll through the yard, Pepper could be the perfect match for just about anyone looking for a gentle companion. 

Still don't know how she feels about cameras though.
Pepper came to the San Antonio Humane Society after being rescued by one of our staff. She was very grateful and very very pregnant. With no tag, no collar, no chip, she was tied to a fence and abandoned. 

When she first walked into our clinic for evaluation, she was a sweet and happy dog who was very excited to receive oodles of attention. Not much has changed! The biggest transformation? After birthing her puppies in foster care, she is one pregnant belly less. 

All my puppies found a home!
We’re not here to say mixed-breed is better than purebred. We’re here to remind our community that each pet is an individual with individual needs, wants, traits, and quirks. 

We operate in a city with an estimated 100k+ strays roaming our neighborhoods. In 2018, of the over 1,200 pets who were surrendered to the SAHS by their owners, only 23% of those pets were spayed or neutered. The SAHS continues to take steps and initiate programs to educate our community about the importance of responsible pet ownership, but this unfortunate habit to NOT spay/neuter our pets will continue to ensure that although there will always be mixed-breed pets in our community, there will never be enough homes.


If you are seriously considering adding a pet to your home, please feel free to drop by the San Antonio Humane Society to give a needy pet the perfect home. You can see all our mutts and more by visiting

To spay/neuter your pet and prevent homeless litters in our community, visit for our low-cost options.

To donate to our cause as we continue our mission to save and improve the lives of pets, visit

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